Chargers fans are upset with Justin Herbert for a ludicrous reason

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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The LA Chargers have one of the best quarterbacks in the entire sport in Justin Herbert. Herbert was doubted by many when he was taken with the sixth pick in the 2020 NFL Draft but the moment he got his chance to play he proved that he could not only hang in the NFL but set many rookie records in the process.

The Chargers have a legitimate chance of making a Super Bowl run because of Herbert. The front office made uncharacteristically bold moves because of Herbert. Heck, GM Tom Telesco probably still has his job only because he took Herbert in 2020.

Herbert is not perfect and there are areas of his game that can be dissected. One area that has been under the spotlight this offseason is his perceived "leadership abilities". Austin Ekeler went on Undisputed and allowed Skip Bayless to grill into Herbert while Keenan Allen went on Emmanuel Acho's 'SPEAK' and said that Herbert would benefit from having more fire in him like Philip Rivers.

This has caused some fans to question Herbert's leadership abilities and those same fans are getting outraged over the smallest detail following the 2023 NFL Draft. According to rookie wide receiver Quentin Johnston, Herbert has not reached out yet and that has caused some fans to point a righteous finger in Herbert's direction.

Chargers fans are upset that Justin Herbert hasn't texted or called Quentin Johnston

This is high school stuff. Just because Herbert hasn't called or texted Johnston yet does not mean anything about his leadership ability. Herbert is going to have plenty of time to familiarize himself with Johnston and vice versa.

It is interesting to see how Herbert's career and his draft projections are starting to come full circle. One of the biggest knocks on him coming into the league was his perceived leadership ability and the fact that he was quiet and more to himself.

But not all leaders look the same. Just because Herbert isn't fired up like Rivers does not mean he is a bad leader. And let's not forget, Herbert has still only played three years in the league and is barely 25 years old. The leadership skills and locker room presence take time. Just because his talent has been beyond his years doesn't mean there aren't other areas of his game that still need to develop.

Rivers wasn't the fired-up locker room leader at 25 years old. Early on in his career, he sat behind Drew Brees and then relied on the likes of LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates to provide leadership.

It will happen with Herbert and there are plenty of things that happen behind closed doors that fans are not privy to. To be outraged over Herbert not texting or calling a rookie receiver is a bit of an overreaction.