Chargers fans are getting serious FOMO over throwback uniforms

Just give the people what they want!
Arizona Cardinals v San Diego Chargers
Arizona Cardinals v San Diego Chargers / Stephen Dunn/GettyImages

The LA Chargers have some of the best uniforms not just in the NFL but in all of sports. Nothing quite beats the powder blue and when the team released its new uniforms in 2020 it caught the entire sports world by storm.

As great as the Chargers' uniforms are, though, there has been one common desire that the fanbase has been pounding the table for. And despite the Chargers often giving fans what they want, the team has not provided this much-desired addition to the rotation.

Fans want to see the retro navy uniforms back in rotation. Not the navy uniforms that the team currently wears once a season, the uniforms that the team wore during its best stretch in franchise history in the mid-2000s. What makes this even worse is the fact that other teams are giving their respective fans exactly what they want. Where are the Chargers at?

Chargers fans are getting FOMO over retro uniforms

If the Seattle Seahawks can bring back a beloved old uniform combo for their fanbase then why can't the Chargers. The Bolts typically love to dominate the uniform game and with all of the retro uniforms coming back this offseason, the Bolts are falling behind.

Heck, it does not even have to be the entire uniform to at least satisfy fans' thirst a little bit. Fans have been begging for the team to bring back the navy helmets and the Chargers social media team has even teased the fanbase over this desire. Can't make wholesale changes for 2023? Fine. But at least give us the helmet!

The powder blues are great. The all-white uniform combination might be the most slept-on uniform combo in all of sports. Heck, even the royal color rush-inspired uniforms are solid. But almost every fan would love to see the current iteration of the navy uniforms be replaced with the navy uniforms that we all saw LaDainian Tomlinson and Co. play in.

It is very rare for a team to be able to do something that would have 100% approval rating but this is one of those examples. Get it done, Chargers!