Chargers get extra flexibility from the NFL with massive salary cap boost

The Chargers have more money to play around with.

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The LA Chargers now find themselves in a much more reasonable cap situation than anyone would have initially expected. Jonathan Jones broke the news of an incredible $30 plus million increase to a massive number of $255.4 million.

The salary cap was initially expected to be somewhere in the realm of $240 million, meaning a $15 million increase from the estimates gives the Chargers that much more room to build the roster amid this wave of organizational change. Over the Cap currently has the Bolts at just over $25.6 million over the salary cap for the upcoming season.

While it would be great to be under the cap, an extra $15 million essentially falling out of the sky makes things more manageable for Joe Hortiz to decide the fates of some current players. Perhaps he can make a splash like Saquon Barkley or Josh Jacobs.

The LA Chargers have more cap wiggle room in 2024

While this move certainly helps, it is still essentially a guarantee that Mike Williams will be released. With the release of Williams, the Chargers will be at just $5 million over the cap, paving the way for one more move to be the difference maker in cap compliance. What that move is has yet to be seen, but we can be sure that it is coming, and it may be more than one move.

As tough as it may be to consider after his renaissance this past season, finding a trade partner for or cutting edge rusher Khalil Mack can free up as much as $23 million in cap space for the Bolts.

Leaving out moves such as potentially extending both Keenan Allen and Joey Bosa, the Chargers immediately go into the green with the releases (or potential trades) of Williams and Mack.

The team can also consider extending Mack. However. looking at how Von Miller has shaped up so far in Buffalo, the Chargers cannot afford to make the same mistake with an aging edge rusher who seemingly loses a step in an instant.

The Chargers find themselves in a much-improved situation compared to how things looked prior to the updated cap number. It honestly makes this entire offseason much more exciting for everyone who has an interest in the team.

Be it fans, players who may want to play under the new regime, or even the new leaders of the organization themselves, this season goes from a short "rebuild" type to one which can see the Chargers make real moves to be contenders and even make a push to be in New Orleans next February. The new league year cannot come soon enough, and it will be incredibly exciting to see what the new-look Chargers bring to the table in the 2024-2025 NFL season.

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