How 2 Chargers can earn an additional $450,000 in Week 18

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers might not have a lot to play for in Week 18. If the Baltimore Ravens lose to the Cincinnati Bengals before the Bolts' kickoff then the fifth seed will be locked up. If that happens, several players likely won't even see the field for the Bolts on Sunday.

The Denver Broncos have absolutely nothing to play for as their season was over weeks ago in what is one of the most disappointing seasons in recent NFL history. Denver does not even have its own first-round pick, so there is no benefit of losing this game.

While the two teams might not have anything to play for, there are players on the LA Chargers that have plenty of monetary reasons to ball out in this game. Most notably, DeAndre Carter and Gerald Everett have the most to gain from the Chargers' Week 18 game.

Gerald Everett and DeAndre Carter could make an additional $450,000 from the Chargers.

Both Everett and Carter have incentives in their contract that can be reached in Week 18. Carter can realistically earn another $200,000 if he has a big game while Everett could realistically earn another $250,000.

Carter's contract has him earning $100,000 for reaching 25, 35 and 45 catches along with 350 yards, 450 yards and 550 yards. He gets another $100,000 if he reaches five touchdowns and another $100,000 at seven touchdowns.

Entering this game, Carter has 43 catches for 495 yards with three touchdowns. Carter could reach five touchdowns, but realistically, getting to 45 catches and 550 yards is his best bet to increase his payday. He would need to finish with two catches for 55 yards to earn all $200,000. That is doable if starting receivers are not playing in this game. At the very least, he should get to 45 catches.

Everett has 55 catches for 547 yards and three touchdowns. His incentives are just reception-based, as he gets $250,000 for making 50 catches, 60 catches and 70 catches. Reaching 60 catches is absolutely doable for Everett, who has recorded five or more catches seven times this season.

Baltimore losing and letting the Chargers sit the starters is a double-edged sword for these two. On one hand, it could create some chances in the passing game for Joe Lombardi to feed them the ball and do them a favor.

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However, that would also come with Chase Daniel being under center, which is not ideal for the two players' chances of reaching their incentives. Daniel is a great veteran backup but he is not necessarily a gunslinger.