3 things that must happen for the Chargers to make a Super Bowl run

Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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The LA Chargers are playoff bound for the first time since 2018 and the team is hoping that isn't the only thing they get to celebrate this season. Making the playoffs is just the first step and now it is time for the Bolts to make some noise as they try to make it past the AFC Divisional Round for the first time since 2007.

Los Angeles certainly has the talent to make a deep run, is getting hot at the right time and is even getting get returners on both sides of the ball. All of these factors make the Chargers the prime candidate to be 2022's version of the 2021 Cincinnati Bengals. But they still have to put the work in and get it done.

Chargers fans know that this is not a perfect team and as is the case with literally every Super Bowl-winning team, the Bolts are going to need certain things to happen in order to make this dream run.

3 things that must happen for the Chargers to make the playoffs:

1. Keep the good injury luck flowing

This is the most obvious of the three things but it is still worth mentioning. The LA Chargers are finally getting healthy at the perfect point of the season and that is going to give them a big advantage in the playoffs while other teams could be hitting their injury bug.

This team still fought and competed through the injuries but we all have seen the massive difference when this team is healthy versus when they are not healthy. Los Angeles simply does not have the depth, particularly on offense and on the offensive line, to overcome key injuries to make a Super Bowl run.

Injuries will undoubtedly happen between now and the Super Bowl, that is just how football works, but avoiding the same avalanche that swarmed over the team earlier in the season is key. Unfortunately, this part of it is just luck. LA needs more good injury luck.