Chargers' dream coordinators to surround Jim Harbaugh with

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The Chargers head coaching vacancy is Jim Harbaugh's for the taking. If Harbaugh is going to return to the NFL now is the time as he has the potential to re-join a Chargers team he played for and coach one of the very best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Hiring Harbaugh — coupled with a new general manager — will kickstart a new era of Chargers football. Harbaugh has been successful in every single place he has coached in his career and with Herbert by his side, winning a Super Bowl would actually be in play.

Harbaugh cannot do it alone, however, and he is going to have to surround himself with a staff full of great coaches. Harbaugh would have complete say over his coaching staff and these are the people he should have manning his coordinator positions if he joins the Bolts.

Chargers dream special teams coordinator under Jim Harbaugh: Ryan Ficken

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Ryan Ficken has been a revelation for the Chargers, turning the team's special teams unit from one of the worst in league history to one of the best in the modern-day NFL. Ficken has done his job at an extraordinarily high level and there is no reason for Harbaugh to go with someone else.

Could politics get in the way and could Harbaugh bring in one of "his guys"? Sure. But there is no need for the Chargers to reinvent that side of the ball when Ficken has more than done his job in recent years.

The Chargers are already showing that they want to keep Ficken around next season as the team blocked an interview request from the New York Giants. Harbaugh would obviously have the final say if the team were to hire him but that is a good sign that Ficken will return.