3 tight ends the LA Chargers could target in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Charlie Kolar
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3. Charlie Kolar

If the LA Chargers want to wait even later in the draft then someone like Charlie Kolar could be their guy. If the team has faith in Tre' McKitty and Donald Parham to carry the load and really is just trying to find a replacement for Anderson then this could be the direction that the team takes.

Kolar would be a fine replacement for Anderson if he were to leave the team. He did not actually lineup at fullback like Ferguson did in college but he is a good enough blocker to hold his own in a versatile role (if needed) and can absolutely have the same level of responsibility in the passing game as Anderson.

Kolar could do really well in the Chargers' offensive scheme as a middle-of-the-field target on short-yardage and red-zone situations. He is not the type of tight end that you are going to throw a goal-line fade to (like Parham), he is someone who the Chargers can utilize in the middle of the field underneath the coverage.

The Iowa State tight end is going to be a late pick in the 2022 NFL Draft as TDN has him ranked as the 198th player in the class. That makes him a potential sixth-round target for the Bolts, who have two picks in the sixth round and three picks in the seventh round.

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It all depends on the team's confidence level in the tight ends that they already have in the building. If they are confident in both Parham and McKitty taking that leap, a later pick like Kolar makes more sense.