Offensive tackles the Chargers could target in each round of the 2022 NFL Draft

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Cordell Volson
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Round 6: Pick 214 - Cordell Volson - North Dakota State

Another team captain, who has great potential to develop into an effective right tackle in this league, Cordell Volson is a great late-round selection. Volson has been a three-year starter, which included protecting 49ers quarterback Trey Lance, and has looked impressive doing so.

Volson would be a good project for the Chargers to work on this coming season. Learning the NFL behind very talented players currently on the offensive line will allow him to improve his ability to pick up rushers on the outside, which can translate him into a valuable starter for the Chargers.

Other possible selections at OT: Obinna Eze - TCU

Round 7: Pick 236 - Ryan Van Demark - Connecticut

Heading into the last round of the draft, there are not many options left, however, Connecticut captain Ryan Van Demark is one of the very unique talents that are left. Starting all four years at both tackle positions and shows very impressive quickness in getting to his blocking assignments. A very talented depth player can bode well for a high-priority position, as well as a position that tends to have lots of injuries throughout the season.

His size is very attractive, standing at 6'7" and weighing just over 300 pounds. Not just that, but his aggressiveness is something that teams in the NFL are looking for, as Van Demark is always looking for the next block after he successfully blocked his first assignment. If he can improve his timing coming off the line, NFL viewers could be hearing his name making impacts on the field for years to come.

Other possible selections at OT: Dare Rosenthal - Kentucky, Veridian Lowe - Illinois

Not including the three compensatory picks that the Chargers have in the seventh round (picks 254, 255, and 260), this concludes the players that the Chargers should consider taking in each round if they are looking for an offensive tackle.

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A draft class that is very deep, will allow for lots of teams to be able to draft impactful players regardless of the round. With the draft coming in less than a week, Charger fans should be excited to see what Tom Telesco has up his sleeve.