Jordan Davis may have just cemented himself as Chargers pick at 17

NFL Combine
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There are multiple different directions that the LA Chargers could take in the 2022 NFL Draft, most of which depend on which areas of the roster the team is able to patch up in free agency before the draft.

One of the biggest needs on the roster is defensive tackle. The Bolts were one of the worst teams in the league in stopping the run and it started at defensive tackle. Linval Joseph and Justin Jones are both free agents and even if the team brings Jones back, they need to bring in multiple reinforcements.

For that reason, drafting a defensive tackle has never been a question of if, but a question of when. Personally, I think the team should wait until the second or third round and pick up someone like Travis Jones. However, some want the team to draft Jordan Davis with the 17th overall pick, regardless of if defensive tackle is "worth" a first-round pick or not.

Those fans will likely be happy as Jordan Davis may have cemented his place as the Chargers pick in the NFL Combine.

Jordan Davis and the rest of the defensive linemen did their drills in the NFL Combine on Saturday and Davis thrived in just about every area. There were already no questions about his ability to reset the line of scrimmage for years to come and on Saturday he proved that he is the freak athlete that everyone thought he was.

Davis made headlines on social media with his ridiculous 4.82 40-yard dash time. That is a faster 40-yard dash time than Baker Mayfield and Kirk Cousins and was just marginally slower than Justin Herbert. It was faster than both Rashawn Slater AND Joey Bosa. It's ridiculous.

However, I do not want to put too much weight on the fact that he ran a fast 40-yard dash, because Jordan Davis's day at the NFL Combine was much more impressive than just running a fast 40 time. Davis proved that despite his size, he is the most athletic defensive tackle not only in this draft class but in recent memory.

It is really quite remarkable just how athletically gifted Davis is. Kent Lee Platte of Pro Football Network created the Relative Athlete Score, which measures how athletic each of these draft prospects are based on their drills. Davis may have broken the scale.

Of course, being athletic does not guarantee that you will be successful in the NFL but it is not like Davis is a fourth-round talent that is just really athletic. He was without a doubt the best defensive lineman in college, playing for the National Champions, and just proved that his ceiling might be way higher than most initially thought.

Again, I personally am not a huge fan of taking a defensive tackle in the first round but if the Chargers truly go off of best player available, and Davis is there at 17, then it is hard to see them passing on him unless someone like David Ojabo falls to the team (even if I personally prefer Jermaine Johnson). The team committed to building up the trenches on the offensive side of the football and very well could do the same with the defensive side as well.

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Whether you want Jordan Davis to be in LA or not, it feels inevitable at this point that he will be a Charger in two months time.