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4 potential Andre Roberts replacements for the LA Chargers

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Andre Roberts was an absolutely fantastic addition to the LA Chargers and was one of the best in-season pickups in recent history. The Bolts needed a real shot in the arm in the return game and that is exactly what Roberts provided, giving the team its best return man since Darren Sproles.

While that might seem to lock up his future in Los Angeles, nothing is guaranteed. While I personally would love to see Roberts return to LA, the Bolts could be looking for bigger things. The problem with Roberts is that he is a complete non-factor in the offense, essentially giving the Chargers only four wide receivers on the depth chart.

Add in the fact that Roberts is 34 years old and the Chargers very well could look for someone who can give the team good production in the return game while also being an impact player on offense as well.

The LA Chargers could look into any one of these potential Andre Roberts replacements.

Whether coming via free agency or the draft, the Chargers do have some solid options to replace Roberts and get a more impactful offensive player. Heck, if the Bolts play their cards right maybe they can even improve at kick returner while also adding an offensive impact as well.

Starting with the two free-agent options and then diving into the two most likely draft options, here are four potential replacements for Andre Roberts if the Chargers plan on moving on from the veteran return man.