3 Chargers who are set up perfectly to dominate the Cowboys

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
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2. Asante Samuel Jr.

Prior to the Las Vegas Raiders game in Week 4, we broke down three Chargers players who were primed for a big game in a very similar fashion as this article. That was a home run as we tabbed Khalil Mack (six sacks), Palmer (game-winning catch) and Asante Samuel Jr. (game-winning interception) as the players who were due.

Samuel finds himself back on this list ahead of this matchup against the Cowboys. The hope (for the Chargers) is that his interception in Week 4 wasn't just one bright moment but was a catalyst for Samuel to take a huge leap in year three.

First of all, there is now some clarity in the cornerback room with J.C. Jackson out of town. That is going to make some kind of difference and at the very least, is going to make the players actually on the roster feel more comfortable.

Additionally, Dak Prescott hasn't necessarily been the most careful quarterback in the league in turning the ball over. They are not all his fault, but Dak has thrown 19 interceptions in his last 17 starts.

If there is a single cornerback on this Chargers roster that will take advantage of that it is Samuel. Samuel is the biggest ballhawk on the roster and if Dak even tries to make one questionable throw into a tight window Samuel will not be afraid to jump the pass and look to pick it off.