3 Chargers who are due for a huge game against the Raiders in Week 4

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans
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There have been several players on the LA Chargers who have stood out for the right reasons in the first three weeks of the season. However, there have been even more players who have stood out for the wrong reasons as they have not played well thus far.

Some of these players are destined to struggle the rest of the season as not everyone can be hugely impactful for the Bolts. Other players, though, are just waiting to explode with a big game that finally puts them on the map this season.

Heading into a bitter rivalry game against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 4, there are several players on the Chargers roster who have not been great thus far and are due for an explosion to (hopefully) lead the Chargers to a victory.

3 Chargers who are due for a huge game against the Raiders:

1. Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack always seems to have a good game against his former team, making this a great place for him to finally make his impact felt as a pass rusher. Mack has not been great at generating quarterback pressures thus far this season and that is not a huge surprise. After all, Mack is on the wrong side of 30.

Where Mack has lacked in the pass rush department he has made up by being a tremendous run defender this season. That should continue against a Josh Jacobs-led rushing attack but when the going gets tough, the Chargers are going to need Mack to get to the quarterback.

Joey Bosa will likely continue his trend of playing only pass-rush snaps as he nurses a hamstring injury while Tuli Tuipulotu will likely continue having his footprint all over the game. This will open the door for Mack to expose a not-great Raiders offensive line and make a difference like he did when these two teams played at SoFi Stadium last year.