4 Chargers that could get cut after the 2023 NFL Draft

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The LA Chargers are looking to add depth in the 2023 NFL Draft. With the roster already well over the 53, there are only so many spots for incoming players. Granted, the Chargers can carry 90 players for training camp but the team is going to add more than just seven players in the draft class.

In addition to the seven new players from the draft, the team will also bring in a slew of undrafted free agents and could even sign 2-3 veteran free agents after the draft. That is the strategy the Bolts deployed last season.

With that being said, there are some players potentially on the hot seat that could be cut sometime after the 2023 NFL Draft. Anyone that signed a futures/reserve contract in January is probably safe, though.

Here are 4 Chargers that could get cut after the 2023 NFL Draft:

TE Stone Smartt

The Chargers currently have five tight ends on the roster and only three of which are comfortable being on an active NFL roster. Hunter Kampmoyer and Stone Smartt are the odd players out and Smartt is the one that is more likely to be cut.

Kampmoyer has been signed to a futures/reserves contract, naturally giving him an edge in this regard. That is a good thing for Kampmoyer as it seems almost inevitable that the Chargers will draft a tight end at some point in 2023 to usurp them both on the depth chart.

Kampmoyer likely won't make the active roster as the team will only need four more tight ends but he certainly is higher than Smartt on the pecking order.