The 3 best value contracts on the Chargers' books in 2022

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J.C. Jackson
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3. J.C. Jackson

The biggest signing of the offseason for the LA Chargers also happens to be one of the best value contracts that the team has. Jackson was the biggest cornerback on the market this offseason and while the Bolts did pay a pretty penny for him, all things considered, they got a really good deal.

Jackson agreed to a five-year, $82.5 million contract. There were projections before the offseason that predicted Jackson would get close to $20 million per year and instead the Chargers are paying him $16.5 million per year. That is a pretty big difference.

Jackson's contract is the 10th most expensive per year among cornerbacks, which really is not that bad all things considered. The fact that Jackson signed this contract just months ago is what makes that ranking even better for the Chargers. Typically, players set the market with a new deal and that is not what Jackson did.

By the time the Chargers are halfway through the Jackson contract, he will probably rank 16-20th in average salary among players at his position. He is still a young player so he should still be an elite cornerback at that point, making his contract truly exceptional.

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His cap hit this season is really beneficial to the Chargers as well. Jackson's contract is structured so that he only has an $8 million cap hit this season. That is what allowed the Chargers to be aggressive and make other moves to round out the rest of the roster.