3 things Chargers fans should be very concerned about after Chiefs loss

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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The LA Chargers lost to the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football in a classic Chargers way. The Bolts were the better team throughout most of the game but the Chiefs made plays when they mattered most to escape with the three-point victory.

This loss left a sour taste in every fan's mouth not only because of how the game transpired but what storylines surrounding the team after the game. Suddenly, all of the excitement that was in the air just five days ago turned into worry.

This is just one loss and is by no means a reason to panic. Every great football team loses games and the Chargers do look to be among the best of the best. But there definitely are certain things worth worrying about.

3 things Chargers fans should be very concerned with after the Chiefs loss:

1. Justin Herbert and Corey Linsley's health

Brandon Staley provided updates for both Justin Herbert and Corey Linsley on Friday. Herbert is considered day-to-day with fractured rib cartilage while Linsley should also return to practice after dealing with knee tendonitis on Thursday.

While that seemed like good news for fans, there are still some concerns to have. First is with Herbert's ability to play football. In theory, Herbert could return for Week 3 and at the very most would miss just one game.

However, rib cartilage fractures don't just go away and it is something that Herbert is going to be dealing with for weeks pain-wise. He might be able to suit up and play football but it very well could impact his level of play and willingness to get hit in the pocket. That is concerning.

As far as Linsley goes, it is never good to hear about an offensive lineman in his 30s with knee problems. Knee tendonitis is another thing that doesn't just go away on its own and we already saw the Chargers giving Linsley extra rest in training camp. Sure, it might not be something that warrants a set amount of time off, but it is something that can linger all season and impact Linsley at the worst times.