Chargers should consider adding Robert Woods (at the right price)

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Despite having two big-name receivers leading the way that are both paid handsomely, the LA Chargers are rather thin at the wide receiver position. As it stands right now, the Bolts only have three actual NFL-caliber wide receivers on the roster and that is before any potential Keenan Allen cap casualty discussions.

Los Angeles undoubtedly needs to add depth at the position and drafting a receiver early in the 2023 NFL Draft seems like a no-brainer. That would help add depth in 2023 while also preparing for a future without Allen or Mike Williams.

But the Chargers may have to go deeper than that. Four receivers is not deep enough for a wide receiver room and the team may either need to double-dip in the draft or find a cheap veteran receiver to fill out the roster. The Bolts may have gotten a new option for the latter as Tennessee is parting ways with Robert Woods.

Making the case for the Chargers to sign Robert Woods:

At the heart of any potential interest from the Chargers is the fact that Woods is a former member of the Los Angeles Rams and has a connection with Brandon Staley from that time. Staley has shown more times than we can count that he values these previous connections and that could be enough to get the Bolts to at least send a feeler out for Woods.

Woods would have to come to the Chargers at an incredibly cheap price. The team has to free up over $20 million in cap space just to pay its draft class so they cannot afford to be handing out premium contracts to older receivers from other teams.

That being said, Woods may not have much market value because of his age and the dip in his production in 2022. There is a world in which he is worth less than $4 million a year and would take that kind of offer to catch passes from Justin Herbert.

Woods would also have to be okay with a smaller role in 2023, which might be an issue for the veteran wide receiver. Allen and Williams would undoubtedly be ahead of him on the depth chart as he would battle for WR3 snaps with Joshua Palmer and a rookie (assuming the Chargers make the smart decision).

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That being said, if Woods' value is low and he is willing for this kind of role then the Chargers would boast a much deeper wide receiver room. Having the current top three with a veteran like Woods and an (assumingly) fast rookie receiver that can take the top off of a defense would be excellent.