3 coaching changes the Chargers must make to have any chance at the playoffs

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3. Hold the underperformers accountable on defense

Brandon Staley has done this before as he benched Nasir Adderley against the Browns in favor of Alohi Gilman. And what happened? Gilman secured what was essentially the game-winning interception in the endzone. Granted, that interception was gift-wrapped, but he still made the play.

This can be hard to do with all of the injuries that the team has been dealing with. At some point the mantra is next man up and the Chargers cannot be picky when half of the team is out of action with an injury. That being said, Staley still can hold guys accountable in areas with depth.

Two players in particular that should be held accountable by the coaching staff is Adderley and Kenneth Murray. Adderley put together yet another bad game when he was playing against the Raiders and there really isn't much more to see out of him. He does not fit this defense and should not be playing. Simple.

Murray has had moments (such as the forced fumble) but he simply does not have the skill set required at linebacker to make this defense successful. Yet we see someone like Troy Reeder play really good football when he gets a chance and he still doesn't get snaps over Murray.

This is not the first time this has happened with Staley. Certain players have gotten playing time over others even though they did not deserve it. They did it with Jerry Tillery last season and they're doing it again this season.

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Want to be a better football team? Play your best players! It really should not be that hard.