3 Chargers coaches who could leave for better jobs after the 2022 season

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Giff Smith
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3. Giff Smith

Giff Smith has been a position coach in this league for a long time and he seems to have immense respect for the impact he has as a defensive coach. Smith is the outside linebackers coach for the LA Chargers and he is dealing directly with Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack. That group is obviously poised to be successful next season, which will only raise Smith's stock.

Smith has already received high praise in the past for what he was able to accomplish on the Buffalo Bills defensive line when he was the defensive line coach there. He has been with the Chargers since the 2016 season as he was the only coach on the staff that Staley decided to keep when he was hired.

On top of this being his seventh season with the Chargers, Smith has another five seasons in the league as a coach. Before coming into the NFL, Smith spent 13 years at the college level as a position coach.

Brandon Staley has a defense that is much more in line with what he wants to accomplish scheme-wise this season. With this new-look defense, there is a good chance that Staley's moniker as a defensive guru returns with the Chargers turning in a top-10 season defensively.

That obviously will raise the stock of everyone on the Chargers' staff and Smith, with all of his experience in the league, could become a candidate to make the jump to a defensive coordinator job elsewhere.

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Frank Smith went from offensive line coach to offensive coordinator so perhaps we see the inverse of that with another Smith after the 2022 season.