3 recent former Chargers who would have been perfect under Brandon Staley

Jason Reed
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The LA Chargers were very aggressive this offseason as the team is looking to capitalize on the Super Bowl window that exists with Justin Herbert under center. The weakness last season was the defense, which was not going to fly for a second season in a row with Brandon Staley calling the shots.

Staley and the front office rebuilt the defense to make it more in line with what he wants to do on that side of the football. The result is not only a more talented group of guys on the defensive side but a group of guys that should have a better identity.

Staley had to work hard to accomplish this as last year's Chargers were far from what he needed to succeed as a head coach on defense. It is a shame, too, because there are a few recent former Chargers who would have been perfect with Staley, they just missed the boat.

3 recent former Chargers who would have been perfect under Brandon Staley:

1. Desmond King

This one is a bit tricky, as Desmond King the player would have been absolutely perfect on the LA Chargers. While he had his flaws at times as a slot corner, we all saw how high his ceiling was both on defense and special teams and there is no doubt that Brandon Staley would have maximized that if he was the head coach.

That being said, there seemed to be some contention later in King's tenure with the Charger that ultimately resulted in him being traded. Staley has stressed the importance of getting selfless guys on the roster that buy into the singular vision. Tom Telesco has been good at not adding any potential character distractions to the roster as well.

That being said, if Staley was the head coach King would have gotten more playing time as he would have been utilized properly, so that contention may not have ever happened. That very well could have been an Anthony Lynn/Gus Bradley thing, not a Desmond King thing.