3 already cut players the Chargers could claim off waivers

One team's trash could be another team's treasure.
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Colt McCoy, QB

Many Chargers fans were surprised at the news that Max Duggan was getting waived. It was not that long ago that the Bolts selected Duggan in the seventh round of the 2023 NFL Draft (a selection we criticized at the time). The Chargers will likely try and keep Duggan around on the practice squad but it is clear that the team didn't think he was good enough to make the NFL roster.

The weirdest part about waiving Duggan is the fact that the Chargers have carried three quarterbacks in each of the last two seasons and this year there is even more reason to do so. The NFL reinstated the emergency QB rule that allows a team to carry a third QB on gameday rosters without it counting for a roster spot.

That quarterback still has to take up a spot on the 53-man roster, though, which is why many just assumed that Duggan was safe. Easton Stick playing awfully in the preseason seemingly gave the Chargers more of a reason to keep a third QB.

Duggan is not that third quarterback but the ship has not sailed on the team bringing in a third QB. With an inexperienced Stick behind Herbert, the Chargers may instead turn to bring in a veteran presence that can serve as this year's Chase Daniel. If that is the case, Colt McCoy is the way to go.

McCoy is not the most exciting quarterback and he isn't going to save an entire Chargers season. But could he keep the team afloat for a few weeks if Justin Herbert were to suffer a minor injury? Yes, he certainly could.

The Chargers may be waiting for more talented options to officially be waived in order to go in that direction instead. But if the Bolts want a veteran back there, McCoy may be the way to go.