Chargers may have perfect backup QB to sign on waivers thanks to the Trey Lance trade

What if the Chargers backup quarterback isn't even on the roster yet in 2023?
Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers
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Justin Herbert did not play a single snap for the LA Chargers in the preseason by design. Instead, fifth-year backup Easton Stick played most of the snaps for the team while rookie Max Duggan saw some playing time as well.

It is safe to say that fans were not overly impressed with the two quarterbacks. Backup quarterbacks are always going to look worse than the starter but with both players struggling, fans are not confident that the Bolts could stay afloat if Justin Herbert did have to miss time.

The best teams in the league invest in backup quarterbacks as they could save a season. Sometimes there are extreme examples like Brock Purdy in San Francisco; other times there are short-lived examples, like Cooper Rush, who was able to go 4-1 as a starter with Dallas last season to keep the playoff hopes alive while Dak Prescott was hurt.

Offensive Kellen Moore saw that firsthand last year so he knows the importance of a quality backup QB. Ironically enough, both Purdy and Moore's former team may have just give the Chargers a perfect backup QB to sign on waivers. After trading for former third-overall pick Trey Lance, Dallas is waiving Will Grier despite an excellent showing in the preseason.

Will Grier makes a lot of sense to join the Chargers' quarterback room

While the coaching staff is different than it was in 2019, the fact that general manager Tom Telesco has some kind of rapport with Grier is notable. The NFL is all about who you know and the connections that a player has and there aren't many teams out there with the same connections as Grier.

After watching Stick and Duggan play, it would be hard to blame Moore for pounding the table for a better backup quarterback. And while Grier is by no means perfect, he does have more potential than either Stick or Duggan.

As it stands right now, it is hard to see the Chargers carrying three quarterbacks simply because of how bad Duggan looked in camp and the preseason. However, with the new emergency QB rule, it makes all the sense in the world for the Bolts to have three quarterbacks. If the team did it in 2021 and 2022 without that rule why should we expect the Bolts to pivot now that it has an advantage?

Other NFL teams may look to claim Grier before the Chargers can on the waiver wire because of how well he played in the preseason. But if he does slip to the Chargers, and the team has the chance to bring him in, it seems like a no-brainer considering his level of play and the connections to the coaching staff.