DeAndre Hopkins may want to be a Charger, but should the Chargers want him?

Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages

The NFL Playoffs have not even begun and the NFL trade rumors are already in full gear. The first massive name to hit the trade market has emerged as the Arizona Cardinals reportedly plan on trading DeAndre Hopkins before the 2023 season. Even though they are in the playoffs, this caught the eye of some Chargers fans.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Hopkins himself may prefer to come to sunny Los Angeles and catch passes from Justin Herbert. Arizona Sports insider John Gambadoro reported shortly after that there are two teams he is hearing Hopkins prefers: the Jacksonville Jaguars and LA Chargers.

How ironic is that? Perhaps the winner of this Wild Card Round game will move on while the other team will get frustrated and trade for Hopkins.

Just because Hopkins reportedly "prefers" to go to the Chargers does not mean he will become a Charger. The team itself has to be interested in bringing in Hopkins, which raises the question: should the Chargers want to trade for DeAndre Hopkins?

No, the Chargers should not trade for DeAndre Hopkins.

The focus of everyone in the Chargers building right now is the Jaguars and getting past them to reach the Divisional Round. But once Tom Telesco and Brandon Staley start offseason work, and they learn that Hopkins is potentially interested, they are going to have to tell the Arizona Cardinals no.

Look, Hopkins might be a big name and most fans would definitely love to see him in powder blue. Hopkins even looked really sharp after coming back from suspension last season so it is easy to talk yourself into trading for him as a fan.

But it simply does not make sense logistically for the Bolts. Even if Arizona is willing to part ways for Hopkins for less than a first-round pick it does not make sense for the Chargers because of the contract involved.

Hopkins has a cap hit over $30 million next season (which is why the Cardinals want to trade him in the first place). After spending big last offseason, the Chargers are in no place to spend that kind of money on a receiver who is past his prime. It is bad business.

The team already has one receiver that is 30 years old who some fans complain is regressing in Keenan Allen. They probably should not be bringing in a 31-year-old receiver who has definitely seen his best days, even if he is still productive.

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The Chargers are more than okay with Mike Williams and Keenan Allen leading the charge at wide receiver. Just draft a mid-round receiver with some speed and the Chargers' will be just fine.