Chargers' Brandon Staley sets Twitter ablaze with pregame routine vs Colts

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers hired Brandon Staley as the team's head coach after a disappointing 2020 season. Staley instantly became a much-talked-about head coach as he navigated through the media with grace and said all the right things about the team and the game of football.

Staley then started to grow notoriety in his first season for his aggressive decision-making. Staley used both analytics and trust in his star quarterback to make fourth-down decisions that would make just about every other NFL coach queasy.

Things were not looking great for Staley's future in LA with the team disappointing midway through the year and Sean Payton looming over the franchise. However, two key wins over AFC playoff opponents put the Chargers in a fantastic position to make the playoffs, turning the tide back in favor of Staley.

If there were any fans that were still holding out on Staley they might have switched over after seeing his pregame routine ahead of the Monday Night Football matchup against the Indianapolis Colts. We can't even describe it. You have to see it with your own two eyes.

To have the confidence to go out there and work out your back like that? That is the definition of confidence. Staley definitely knew there were cameras in the building and likely filming him. I wish I could have the same confidence as him.

Chargers' Brandon Staley sets Twitter ablaze with pregame routine vs Colts

Of course, Twitter is always undefeated and something like this was not going to simply slip under the radar. This is especially true for a primetime game. The lowest hanging fruit is Staley's tendency to go for it on fourth down and this routine might be warming up his spine to handle the pressure of going for it.

Not everyone seems to be taking the pregame routine as a good thing though. Everything in the NFL always has to tie into gambling and this might have been enough to sway some people to go with the Colts... at least against the spread.

The best of the best comes from Chargers Twitter, though. Chargers fans are feeling really high right now with the Bolts vaunting themselves back into playoff contention not only with their play but by also getting all the right outcomes to help the team.

Chargers fans had a day with this one, putting together some pretty great edits that will get anyone hyped.

Maybe Staley will use this move for any extra motivation later in the season if the Chargers need it. Regardless, he gave Chargers fans and football fans a great laugh ahead of the primetime matchup against Indy.

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