The Chargers' nightmare Aaron Rodgers situation now seems far less likely

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
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The LA Chargers are entering an offseason that is extremely important for the team. The Chargers have an immense amount of cap space to spend and 11 draft picks to utilize to better build the roster that Brandon Staley envisioned in his second year as a head coach.

What the Bolts do this offseason truly could be the difference between a Super Bowl run like the Bengals and once again falling short. Not only is this important for the Chargers improving, but it is also important for who the Bolts' competition might be in 2022.

The AFC is already loaded with the top quarterbacks in the sport that the Chargers are going to have to go through and there is a legitimate concern that the Bolts might add another to that list. MVP Aaron Rodgers' future is unclear with the Green Bay Packers and the most speculated landing spot is the Denver Broncos.

There is even a disaster scenario for the Bolts in which Rodgers and Davante Adams team up in Denver. The Chargers would have to play the two best quarterbacks in the sport four times a season. That would not be fun.

While the early indications of the offseason pointed to the Broncos, this Aaron Rodgers nightmare for the Chargers now seems less likely.

Adam Schefter provided some potential relief to Charger fans on Sunday morning by clearing up what the Packers' intentions are this offseason.

Of course, nothing is set in stone and if Rodgers really wants out then he could force his way out but this is great news for the Chargers (and the rest of the AFC West). Rodgers does still have one more year under contract and if the Packers full-out commit to staying competitive by making their future situation horrible (like the Saints' current situation) then Rodgers is more likely to stay.

Rodgers has recently said that he does not want to be part of a rebuild in Green Bay and the Packers are committing to that not being the case. While this might seem like a no-brainer for Green Bay, the team easily could have looked to trade Rodgers for immense draft capital and start over with the guy they just drafted in the first round two years ago, Jordan Love.

While things have been rocky between Rodgers and the Packers' brass in the past, if the Packers are willing to commit to winning in 2022 then it makes sense for him to stay. The AFC is LOADED with talent and the road to the Super Bowl is going to be exponentially harder in the AFC than the NFC.

From a competitive standpoint, it makes more sense for Rodgers to stay in the NFC (and in the horrible NFC North) than come to a loaded AFC West that has two quarterbacks in the top five and a third quarterback that is in the top 12 or so.

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Depending on what the Vikings do with Kirk Cousins, the best quarterback that Rodgers might have to face in the NFC North next season could be Justin Fields. Not the most daunting of challenges I would say.