Latest Aaron Rodgers rumor would be a nightmare for the LA Chargers

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Fans of the LA Chargers have a keen eye on what Aaron Rodgers does this offseason as there is a good chance that the Chargers might have to play him twice a year. While there are many different directions that Rodgers' future holds, one of the most likely outcomes appears to be him joining the AFC West and the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos have been in quarterback purgatory since Peyton Manning retired. Denver really is a quarterback away as they have a good defense and weapons on the offensive side of the ball. If the Broncos land a top-tier quarterback then they cannot be ruled out. Denver was one of the team's that were heavily rumored to be interested in Rodgers last offseason when it was unclear if he would return to Green Bay. If Rodgers is available, the Broncos are undoubtedly going to be interested; Charger fans know this.

However, the latest Aaron Rodgers rumor is much worse than Rodgers joining the AFC West and playing the Charger twice a year. There now appears to be a chance that Rodgers brings Davante Adams along with him.

Aaron Rodgers AND Davante Adams in Denver? What kind of sick joke is this?

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams joining the Denver Broncos would be the worst-case scenario for the LA Chargers.

Could the Broncos actually pull this off? Yes, they can. As mentioned in Jordan Schultz's video above, the team has the cap space to make this happen and has the draft assets to trade to Green Bay. And based on the quarterback play over the last few years, they have the desperation to trade for Rodgers as well.

The scary part about this is that the Broncos don't necessarily even need Adams. They already have a solid receiving corps but this could also allow them to trade for Adams as well. Perhaps there is a deal where Green Bay tags and trades Adams and in return gets Courtland Sutton or Tim Patrick and some picks. If they trade both Rodgers and Adams to Denver then they are going to get a draft capital haul.

Assuming they trade one of Courtland Sutton or Tim Patrick, the Broncos would have a receiving corps of Adams, Jerry Jeudy, Sutton/Patrick and K.J. Hamler. That is instantly the best receiving corps in the league and they would have the defending MVP throwing dimes to it.

This is a double-edged sword for the LA Chargers as well. Not only would they have to play this monster of an offense twice a year (it becoming much harder to make the playoffs too), but they also would miss out on Davante Adams. Adams is at the top of many fans' wish list this offseason and seeing him go to a divisional rival with Rodgers would be sickening.

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Hopefully, Rodgers stays far away from the AFC West and if Adams does come to the division he comes to the Chargers.