Brandon Staley disgraces Chargers organization with pretentious post-game comments

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

Fans of the LA Chargers thought they hit rock bottom in Week 14 of the 2023 NFL season. The Chargers were handily beaten by a division rival in a game where Justin Herbert suffered a season-ending injury.

Those fans were wrong.

The Chargers somehow reached a new rock bottom on Thursday night, just four days after losing to Sean Payton's Denver Broncos to fall to 5-8. Los Angeles lost in historic fashion on primetime to the Las Vegas Raiders by a final score line of 63-21. It is the most points the Raiders have ever scored, and the most that the Chargers have ever allowed.

Fans and media members alike were waiting to see what head coach Brandon Staley would say after this disaster of a game. Staley remained consistent with the same messaging he had all season, giving reporters a pretentious answer about his job security after the game.

Brandon Staley embarrasses the entire Chargers organization with pretentious post-game comments

In his response, Staley made sure to emphasize that every great coach in the league has had games like this. He said that he didn't need to "retrace history" and that this kind of loss is part of sports.

Yes, blowouts happen, but you don't get to say something like that when you haven't proven a single thing in the NFL. It is different when a Super Bowl-winning coach like Payton gets blown out 70-20 than when a head coach with no playoff wins gets blown out — by a 5-8 team, nonetheless.

Staley has been on the hot seat all season since he blew the 27-0 lead in the AFC Wild Card Round last season. Does that happen to every great coach in the league? Is it normal for a coach to blow a 27-0 lead in the playoffs, then allow 63 points in a game all in the span of a calendar year?

Keep in mind this is the same guy who used his team's close losses earlier in the season to justify his coaching. After losing 20-10 to the Baltimore Ravens, Staley proclaimed that the message was still getting across to the guys because if it wasn't, they would be getting blown out of the stadium.

Guess what Staley? You just got blown out of the stadium! Yes, you had a backup quarterback under center, but so did the other team. Yes, you had a key offensive skill position player inactive, but so did the other team. It does not change the fact that your team just allowed a 5-8 team with a bottom-feeding offense to score 63 points.

To keep moving the goalposts to try and defend the disaster that has been the last 12 months is disgraceful to the Chargers organization. Fans who have stuck with this team through decades of bad ownership and a controversial relocation deserve better than this.

They deserve better than Brandon Staley.

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