Brandon Staley enrages Chargers fans with delusional post-game comments

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Chargers
Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Chargers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

For the seventh time this season, the LA Chargers played in a competitive game that could have been won but was ultimately lost. The Baltimore Ravens came into SoFi Stadium on Sunday Night Football and handed the Chargers a 20-10 loss, ending any hopes of a playoff run in the process.

All eyes were on head coach Brandon Staley after the game. Staley's seat has grown warmer and warmer as the season has gone along and many thought that this would be the last straw. With the playoffs out of reach, Chargers ownership had the perfect out to move on from Staley. As of Monday afternoon, Staley still has his job.

Fans were also tuning into Staley's post-game press conference to see how he would react. Staley blew up on reporters the previous week after the team's loss to the Green Bay Packers and many expected a similar situation on Sunday night. Staley ultimately kept his cool, but he still produced some head-scratching quotes that are bound to upset the fanbase.

Brandon Staley questionably uses Chargers' close losses as support for his coaching

This is not the first time that Staley has brought up the close losses that the Chargers have had this season. After the Packers loss, he brought up the fact that the Chargers have been in every single one of the team's losses, which to be fair, is absolutely true.

The problem is that at some point you have to win these close games. A sign of a well-coached team is the ability to win close games and execute when the pressure is the highest. The Chargers have been unable to do that in any capacity this season. The fact that they haven't been blown out shouldn't be a win. If anything, it shows that the team is underperforming significantly.

There is no such thing as a moral victory in the NFL. The 14 teams that make it to the playoffs make it because of their win-loss record. They don't make it based on how many close games they play, or what their point differential is after the season. They make it based on wins and the Chargers have not been winning enough.

Heck, the team has won just one close game all season and it only happened because of a miscommunication by the Vikings that led to an interception. The Raiders win was a blowout that the team allowed Vegas to creep back into. Both the Bears and the Jets wins were blowouts against awful quarterbacks.

If the game is close the Chargers are going to lose. Plain and simple. That shouldn't be spun as some kind of positive for Staley and the coaching staff. If anything, it is the most revealing negative of them all.

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