Anonymous NFL personnel has excruciatingly bad take about Chargers' Justin Herbert

Some people still don't know ball, even if they are working in the NFL.
Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns
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The LA Chargers have one of the best young quarterbacks in the entire sport. After getting a decade and a half of Hall of Fame play from Philip Rivers, the Bolts struck gold with Justin Herbert in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Herbert is undoubtedly good enough to lead the Chargers to the Super Bowl and there is hope among the fanbase that it will happen during Herbert's tenure. That is why the star young quarterback is set to get a massive contract extension that will reset the quarterback market.

This is all surprising to the myriad of talent evaluators who were underestimating Herbert when he came into the league. And despite his elite play, some throughout the league still don't seem to understand how great Herbert is.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler continued his yearly series of getting anonymous NFL executives, coaches, and scouts to rank the best players at every position. Fowler dropped the quarterback list on Monday and Herbert ranked fifth overall, which is a fair place to put him. However, one anonymous NFL personnel member had to turn in the worst Justin Herbert take of all time.

Anonymous NFL personnel member ranks Chargers' Justin Herbert as the ninth-best quarterback in the NFL.

You didn't read that incorrectly. In Fowler's piece, he outlines the highest a quarterback was ranked and the lowest they were ranked. Herbert was ranked as high as second but at least one person had the bright idea to rank him all the way at nine.

This seems like a small thing as that still puts him into the top 10 but it is ludicrous how off-base that ranking is. Even if you are not a Chargers fan, it is really hard to find eight quarterbacks who are better than Herbert. Who was put ahead of him to make him slip to nine? Dak Prescott? Trevor Lawrence? Lamar Jackson? Give us a break.

What is even funnier is that one NFL offensive coach said that Herbert missed too many "layup throws", according to Fowler. Was that offensive coach Joe Lombardi and is he just upset that he couldn't keep his job in LA? Herbert had the third-highest completion percentage in the sport last season. Give us a break.

The biggest knock against Herbert is his lack of playoff success, especially when compared to the other quarterbacks atop the NFL ladder. But once that comes, and it certainly will, there will be no more excuses to rank Herbert as low as some still rank him.