4 most exciting matchups for the LA Chargers in Week 1

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Chargers
Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Chargers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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4 most exciting matchups for the LA Chargers in Week 1

2. vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The battle of the quarterbacks drafted in 2020; what's there not to like about seeing that matchup start the Chargers season?

Both Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are constantly compared to each other simply because of the draft link between them. Their successes and failures are often judged against the other, and it will likely continue until they retire.

So, instead of having to hear about it throughout the season, why not start the year with the Bengals visiting SoFi Stadium?

These teams haven't played each other since the 2021 season, and a lot has changed in the years since. The quarterbacks have dramatically improved, with Burrow, unfortunately, seeing the fruits of his labor by making a Super Bowl, while Herbert, on the other hand, continues to be applauded for his statistics despite being in a disastrous situation (a.k.a. Brandon Staley's coaching).

Although the Bengals are still considered to be in their championship window, the Chargers are hoping to be on their way there, too, as soon as this season.

Much like playing the Chiefs, starting the season against such a formidable opponent would be a great measuring stick for the Chargers, and getting a win over a Super Bowl favorite would bring invaluable confidence to the roster.