3 young Chargers who have been concerningly quiet in training camp

These Chargers needed to make noise and haven't thus far
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As is the case with every team in the league, Chargers training camp is the first taste of action for hungry fans that have had to wait six months to see their favorite team in action again. For fans of the Bolts, training camp is, even more, relieving as it washes away the pain of last year's 27-0 blown lead in the playoffs.

Every NFL team is going to look great in a practice setting and it is really easy to be overly optimistic during training camp. Instead of looking at the entire team, fans should instead take a closer look at the individual level to get a better idea of what the roster might look like.

Some players take this opportunity to excel and move up the roster while other players start to slip as they are not making the same impression. Thus far in the early stages of camp, there are three young Chargers who haven't made the same impression and are concerningly quiet.

3 young Chargers who have been concerningly quiet in training camp:

Tre' McKitty

Tre' McKitty is coming off of a really disappointing sophomore season with the Bolts and if there is anyone who could have benefitted from a strong training camp it is him. While he is not going to be cut, the clock is ticking for McKitty entering his third season as he will not get as much benefit of the doubt.

There were obvious areas that the tight end needed to develop coming into the league, such as his ability to be an impact player in the passing game. At the very least, though, McKitty had the potential to be a solid blocking tight end who could earn snaps that way.

Despite showing promising signs in his rookie season, McKitty was bad in both areas in 2022. He did not develop much as a passing weapon and his blocking took a huge step back. His third season in the league is going to have a big influence on the rest of his career and McKitty needs to kickstart it with a more productive camp.