LA Chargers: 4 players who are playing for their next contract in 2021

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports – LA Chargers

3. Mike Williams

Mike Williams is the biggest name that is playing for his next contract in 2021. Williams is getting paid a pretty penny this season as he is playing on his fifth-year option as a first-round pick and he is undoubtedly looking to make his $15 million salary a mainstay for the next few years.

If Williams does get that type of money then it likely would not be from the LA Chargers. It would be surprising to see the team pay Williams $60 million over four years when they just scoffed at paying Hunter Henry $37.5 million over three years.

Personally, I do not value Williams as a true WR1 in this league and I would not be surprised if his 2019 season ends up being the peak level of his production in this league. He could hit it again, but I do not see him going much higher than what he did.

Williams is in between a WR1 and WR2. He is not good enough to be a bonafide WR1 like Keenan Allen but he is, at his best, overqualified to be a WR2. He is right in that sweet spot and if he can have a good 2021 season then he very well could be paid like a WR1.

The franchise tag is always an option if the Chargers don’t like how Josh Palmer is progressing and think they need one more season of Williams. Regardless, it would be shocking to see that new contract come from Tom Telesco.