The LA Chargers had the tallest roster in the NFL last season


Sometimes size really does matter and the game of football is a great example of when that is applicable. The LA Chargers seemingly know this as they were one of the largest teams in the entire league last season.

Football Outsiders introduced a new snap-weighted size metric that averaged the height and weight of all 32 NFL teams last season. NFL fans can now know how their team stakes up height-wise, weight-wise and in body mass index.

The Chargers were standing tall over the rest of the league.

The LA Chargers had the highest average height, standing in at an average of 74.6 inches.

The NFL average was 74.23 inches last season, so while the Chargers were the tallest team in the league, they certainly were not towering over their opponents.

The main reason why the Chargers were so much taller than the rest of the league is Donald Parham. Parham towers at the tight end position, standing in at six-foot-eight. Not many people can make Justin Herbert, who is six-six, look small but Parham does.

The average height of the team is likely going to go down in 2021 as the offensive line got a bit smaller (but still got much better). Matt Feiler is the tallest member of the offensive line at six-six while Rashawn Slater stands in at six-three, quite small for an offensive tackle.

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The Chargers weren’t just taller than every team in the league but they were also one of the heaviest as well. The Chargers checked in as the sixth-heaviest team in the league and four of the top five heaviest teams made the playoff last season. The only team that didn’t was the Las Vegas Raiders.

This could be part, albeit small, of a winning formula for the LA Chargers. The defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers are similar to the Chargers in both eight and weight. The Bucs check in as the third heaviest team while being the seventh tallest.

Size can matter and who knows, it might end up being an advantage for the Chargers if they make the playoffs. It might seem trivial now, but we will all be happy for Donald Parham’s height if he catches a game-winning touchdown over his opponent in the playoffs.

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If only the Chargers drafted Tony Poljan, who is now on the Baltimore Ravens. He could have rivaled Parham at six-foot-seven and created quite the height matchup at the tight end position.