LA Chargers: Ranking the odds of 2021 free agents re-signing

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(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Melvin Ingram

Melvin Ingram is the next Chargers’ defensive end to get paid after Bosa. Some have assumed that Ingram might be traded or not re-signed after the big Bosa deal. The Chargers can certainly re-sign all three of Bosa, Ingram, and  Allen. Even though it might be tight, they could probably afford three more of the free agents on this list in conjunction with those guys.

It’s a matter of if they want to. How much money Ingram makes is ultimately less important than how many years the Chargers feel comfortable with offering. Unlike Bosa, Ingram will be entering his third contract next year at the age of 31. His contract probably won’t be a four or five-year deal.

Despite Ingram’s age, it just doesn’t make sense to break up the Bosa-Ingram duo yet. Keeping them both together after signing Linval Joseph for interior help is the right move. The Chargers have a top-five pass-rushing duo in the league when both of them are together and they’re working to solidify what’s been a shaky interior.

Ingram played three fewer games than he did in 2018 due to a hamstring injury but had five more tackles on the year as well as three more tackles for loss. He also matched his previous sack total despite the injury. He’s still a very potent threat in the pass rush while being pretty solid against the run.

Some look at Uchenna Nwosu as Ingram’s potential replacement down the line. While that may be true eventually, it’s too early to say whether that pans out. Nwosu is very solid as a run stopper but lacks the complete package as a pass rusher to this point. Simulating his numbers to a much larger sample size in a starting role would also be unpredictable.

The LA Chargers should give Ingram a three-year $45 million dollar deal and let him continue the sack attack with Bosa in powder blue.

Chance of re-signing: 70%