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Los Angeles Chargers: Breaking down the latest with Hunter Henry extension

By Luis Tirado Jr.
LA Chargers, Hunter Henry #86 (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
LA Chargers, Hunter Henry #86 (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Chargers will more than likely not extend Hunter Henry

At this point in time, a new contract extension is likely not going to happen between the Los Angeles Chargers and tight end Hunter Henry this offseason. With the deadline being this Wednesday, both sides are reportedly far apart on coming to terms on a new contract extension to keep Henry in the long-term plans of the franchise.

As confirmed by Jelani Scott of, Henry confirmed that he’s not worried about getting things done now but excited to further make his case this upcoming season. The truth of the matter is, with his injury history involving a concussion, knee issues, and even a torn ACL, the Chargers are likely hesitant to commit to anything now.

In the grand scheme of things and especially from a business point of view, it’s best to wait and see how Henry does in 2020 before believing he’s worth investing a ton of money and time in. By giving Henry the franchise tag, it’ll keep him in the mix and also make him financially happy for now. If he’s able to play well and most important of all, stay healthy throughout the entire season, then it would make sense to give him a contract extension for the next few years.

Hunter Henry must stay healthy to be in future plans of the Los Angeles Chargers

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For now, the writing is still on the wall. Henry has shown signs of brilliance here and there but consistency is the name of the game. Henry has yet to play in an entire season without missing a game as he also missed all of 2018 with a torn ACL injury which undoubtedly set him back a bit.

Hopefully, Henry continues to prove his worth since he does have the potential to be a very good tight end but that asterisk is always next to his name due to such an unfortunate injury history.

In that article written by Scott, even Henry knows that it’s all about staying healthy to prove to the Chargers that he’s worth investing in to continue pushing the envelope. Here’s what he had to say about what he’s mostly focusing on which shouldn’t be a surprise:

“I think that’s the biggest thing I’m focusing on. Just trying to stay healthy. I’ve just had some unfortunate injuries come my way. I feel the best I’ve felt in probably a couple years, for sure. I’m excited.”

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Overall, Henry has the right mentality when it comes to everything. He’s humble and understands the reality of the situation which can be exactly what is needed to stay on track and deliver. Injuries are always going to be a part of the sport we love but at the end of the day, excitement is in the air as Hunter looks ready to prove to the football world he has what it takes to be a household name in the NFL.