LA Chargers countdown to 2020: Best number 87 in team history


We are officially 87 days away from the LA Chargers being back in action.

Counting today, there are 87 days until the LA Chargers kickoff their 2020 season in Week 1 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

To countdown the 2020 season, we have been naming the best player to ever wear the number that coincides with the number of days remaining until Week 1. Thus far, not a single current Charger has earned the honors.

That will continue with the number 87 as the team’s current number 87, per the roster on the official Chargers website, is backup tight end Andrew Vollert. Vollert has been with the team for one season and does not have a single snap played in his career.

The greatest number 87 in team history definitely is one of the weaker positions in this series.

The best number 87 in LA Chargers’ history: Keenan McCardell

Keenan McCardell was a solid receiver during his tenure with the Bolts and he definitely is a recent-enough name for fans to remember. However, while he was a solid player, he simply did not spend that much time with the Chargers and you would think the best player at a specific number would be better than this.

McCardell spent three seasons with the Chargers from 2004 to 2006, joining the team at the ripe age of 34. Despite his age, he still put together some decent numbers for the Bolts during this time.

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McCardell hauled in a combined 137 receptions for 1,747 yards and 10 touchdowns in his 33 starts with the Chargers. His first and third season with the team were mediocre, but his second season with the team was Pro Bowl worthy.

In that 2005 season, McCardell hauled in 70 receptions on 108 targets for 917 yards and nine touchdowns, a career-high. He was one of 11 players to have 900 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns that season, two of which were his teammate, Antonio Gates, and a guy who is still in the league, Larry Fitzgerald.

He wore the number 86 as well as the number 87. His 2005 season was while he wearing the number 87.

Overall, his numbers with the team are not all that impressive but they absolutely are the best in team history among number 87s. He leads all players to have worn the number on the Chargers with 18 Approximate Value. Lionel Aldridge and Tom Williams are the only other players with 10+.

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The longest-tenured number 87 in team history is Duane Young, who spent five seasons with the team as a depth tight end in the early 2000s. Outside of Young, everyu other number 87 in team history had a short career with the team.