LA Chargers: Legendary numbers that should be retired

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(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Some numbers deserved to be retired for the LA Chargers.

The LA Chargers are shifting into a new era, in a new stadium while also trying their best to honor their past.

That was one of the clear messages they conveyed in the logo and uniform reveals. The Chargers are trying to build a new future, but are also trying to hold onto their beloved past. This message is going in the opposite direction of their roommates, the Los Angeles Rams who opted for a total rebrand. That’s fine, it’s ultimately their decision. If the Chargers are really trying to honor their past then they could do that by deciding to retire some jersey numbers of past Chargers legends.

Currently, the team has four retired numbers: Lance Alworth’s 19, Dan Fouts’ 14, Junior Seau’s 55 and LaDanian Tomlinson’s 21. Obviously Philip Rivers is still an active NFL player, and Antonio Gates just recently officially retired in January. Give it some time and I would expect 17 and 85 to be hung in the rafters as well.

First, let’s mention some of the current Chargers players. There are two in particular who have a shot of eventually getting up there. If he stays healthy and receives the extension he should, Keenan Allen could end up the franchise’s all-time leader in receptions, where he’s currently in 5th place but should move up to 2nd after next season, and yards, where he’s currently in 6th place but should move up to 4th after next season.

I doubt he’ll catch Gates’ record for touchdowns but he’s got a real shot of ending up as the best Chargers wider receiver ever.

The next current Chargers player that immediately comes to mind here is Joey Bosa. I personally believe he will be kept around after his rookie contract is fulfilled next season. He’s basically played three and a half seasons for the Chargers up to date and he’s sitting at 8th all-time in sacks with 40 total. If he plays a full season this year he likely will move up past Shawne Merriman, Raylee Johnson and Seau to fourth all-time.

Eventually Bosa will pass Melvin Ingram as well who currently sits at fourth place with 49 career sacks. Bosa is also noted as one of the better defensive ends against the run in the league and is currently fifth in franchise history in tackles for loss with 53, he should move up to third all-time after this season.

Allen and Bosa are really the only two current Chargers players we’ve seen enough of to give possible cause to see their numbers retired by the franchise. Ingram would have to have quite a late-career surge to get up into that territory and everyone else is still relatively young in their Chargers careers.

Now, let’s get to honoring some legends of the past who should have their numbers retired.