LA Chargers countdown to 2020: Best number 93 in team history

Luis Castillo LA Chargers (Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images)
Luis Castillo LA Chargers (Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images) /

We are 93 days away from seeing the LA Chargers in action in 2020.

Counting today, we are officially 93 days away from the LA Chargers kicking off their 2020 season in Week 1 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

To countdown the 2020 season, we have been bringing you the greatest player in team history to wear the number that coincides with the number of days remaining until the season. So far, not a single current Charger has made the cut.

That trend will continue another day as number 93 currently belongs to Justin Jones. Jones has some potential and if he carves out a long enough career with the Bolts then he could be in the discussion, but it is far too soon to even consider him as the greatest number 93 in team history.

The greatest number 93 still is not all that exciting, but he was a serviceable starting defensive end for the Chargers for several years and sometimes longevity outweighs a standout year or two.

Greatest number 93 in LA Chargers’ history: Luis Castillo

Luis Castillo was a starting defensive end for the LA Chargers for six seasons from 2005 to 2010 and while he was never a spectacular defensive end, his longevity with the team, especially compared to other number 93s in team history, gives him the nod as the greatest.

Castillo was never all that spectacular, at least when it came to getting to the quarterback. Castillo’s career-high in sacks was seven, which he recorded in his second season, and he never recorded more than 2.5 sacks in a season after that.

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Despite being the best 93 in team history, Castillo’s career is still a bit of a disappointment upon reflection. Castillo was a first-round pick and never really lived up to that moniker and even received a five-year, $43.1 million extension that he never lived up to.

He somehow balances the contradiction of being the best player to wear his number but also be a disappointment in the same breath.

The fact of the matter is that there have not been any great number 93s in Chargers’ history. Reuben Davis is an intriguing option as he was pretty solid in his tenure with the Bolts but that tenure only lasted three years.

Darius Philon is a recent name who was pretty decent as well but he did not nearly do enough to earn the honor over Castillo.

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Simply put, the number 93 is not one of the best numbers in Chargers’ history and Justin Jones absolutely could do enough in his career to take that honor, if he receives more playing time, that is.