The Diaspora Fan: The best (national) debate so far on Philip Rivers


Many Los Angeles Chargers fans have been disappointed by the team’s showing in 2019; however, the most heart-wrenching, likely surprising element has been Philip Rivers’ ability to throw multiple interceptions in numerous games.

This was never more true than with the Monday Night Football loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Some of these picks were arguably not on Rivers and were either on great defensive plays (see Tyrann Mathieu)…

Honey Badger don’t care. @Mathieu_Era intercepts the pass and the @Chiefs take over.#ChiefsKingdom | #MexicoGame2019 | @nflmx

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— NFL (@NFL) November 19, 2019

…or a punctured offensive line that could not stop the rush.

Frank Clark forces pressure on Rivers and @DerrickNnadi comes down with it. @Chiefs ball! @TheRealFrankC_#ChiefsKingdom | #MexicoGame2019 | @nflmx

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— NFL (@NFL) November 19, 2019

Then there are others, however, that were clear head-scratches and directly cost the Chargers a shot at victory.

The @Chiefs defense seals the win.#ChiefsKingdom | #MexicoGame2019 | @nflmx

— NFL (@NFL) November 19, 2019

Rivers had a similar performance the week prior against the Oakland Raiders on Thursday Night Football. With 14 interceptions through 11 games, Philip is now second only to Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston’s 18 for leading the league.

Rivers’ recent performance and his age (now 37, turns 38 in a couple of weeks) have many Chargers fans and wider NFL followers wondering if this is the quarterback’s end.  In the days since the Kansas City loss, there have been numerous arguments for and against Rivers as a “done” quarterback for the Bolts.

I believe the best discussion so far, however, occurred on FOX Sports between Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless on their Undisputed show.

While Shannon’s points are valid as well as likely the more “popular” opinion, Skip does an incredible job putting the Chargers quarterback’s struggles in perspective. He accurately notes what Rivers has achieved as well as the challenges the team has had outside of the quarterback’s seemingly errant throws.

After a tough second-consecutive loss filled with multiple interceptions, Rivers is an easy target and has caused multiple rumor swirls. That said, people need to recognize the larger context at play: massive injuries to both sides of the ball (including backup tackles and center on the offensive line), down-to-the-wire games in every loss as well as very strong play from the opposing teams.

Bolt Beat Opinion. Why Rivers is far from done

Perhaps the season is lost, perhaps it is not. What should not be debated, however, is the value Rivers has brought to San Diego and Los Angeles sports as well as the Chargers organization with his play.