Chargers fans weigh in on future of Philip Rivers


The Chargers have a lot to consider regarding the future of Philip Rivers. Fans weighed in, and here’s what they think the team will and should do.

The Chargers will one day have to move on from Philip Rivers, who is arguably the greatest player in franchise history. After a loss to the Chiefs and a brutal performance from No. 17, discussion regarding Rivers’ replacement is higher than ever before.

Six polls were sent out this morning gauging fan sentiment. Here are the results of each.

Question 1: Will Tyrod Taylor be the starter after the bye?

86 percent of the vote went to what amounts to a resounding no, and that seems about right. Though it’s possible the team would do better with Taylor under center (or at least, make less mistakes) there’s no way the Chargers should be benching their starting quarterback after a disastrous two-game stretch. Should this be the end for Rivers, let him go out swinging for the final few games of the 2019 regular season.

Question 2: Should Taylor be the starter after the bye?

Same answer, but not as strong. Fans still went with no, but only at 67 percent of the votes. The wording changes it all. Fans may feel they should insert Taylor into the starting lineup, for a variety of reasons. One could make a case the team would not have lost their past two games had Rivers not thrown seven interceptions. It’s hard to imagine Taylor throwing as many, and fans are particularly curious to see one part of his game Rivers cannot replicate: Mobility.

Question 3: Will the Chargers move on from Philip Rivers after this season?

59 percent for yes, 41 percent for no. Prior to the 2019 season, this poll would be well in favor of keeping the franchise quarterback for another few years. A loss in prime time to the division rival Chiefs where Rivers threw four interceptions certainly changes fan perception. Is it just reactionary, or are fans starting to think of moving on?

Question 4: Should the Chargers move on from Rivers after this season?

How do you break up with someone after 16 years? Someone who has given you everything, that’s seen the best and worst and still pushed through? 67 percent of polled fans think the team should move on, and it’s more of a possibility now than ever before.

Question 5: If the Chargers do move on from Rivers after this season, who should be their 2020 starter?

Half of the votes pushed for a rookie quarterback to become the starter in 2020. If that’s the case, maybe the rookie could be the starter after half the season with Taylor in the driver’s seat. Taylor, by the way, was the next-highest vote recipient. Could the Chargers make a playoff push with him under center, allocating all their picks and cap space to other positions without having to pay a franchise quarterback?

Question 6: Who or what is to blame for Rivers’ struggles?

The options were himself, the offensive line, play calling, and other. All are true, actually. Putting him behind a subpar offensive line this season forces him to feel phantom pressure (or, just regular pressure) from opposing defenses. If Ken Whisenhunt put together better game plans, would the Chargers have struggled so early, forcing Rivers to feel the need to play hero? No. 17 is also to blame, and this option received the most votes. At the end of the day, he pulled the trigger on some poor throws, and it cost the team games.