A fraction of Chargers fans unsure if they’ll follow team post-Rivers


With all the talk of the Chargers moving on from Philip Rivers, some fans are starting to question whether they’ll still follow the team when they part.

The Chargers will move on from Philip Rivers one day, whether that be as soon as next season or a year or two down the line. After seven interceptions in his past two games, both in prime time losses to division rivals, Rivers is looking more like someone at the end of their career and less like someone who can carry the team into the future. Though some argue the two-game stretch is not enough to warrant such a decision, No. 17 has also turned the ball over in critical moments against the Lions, Texans, and Steelers; all of them losses.

Recently, Bolt Beat sent out a Twitter poll with a simple question: When Rivers leaves the Chargers, will you still be a fan of the team?

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the votes went to the choice most would expect fans of the team to make: Yes.

But the poll was less about who said yes, and more about discovering how many either said no or were unsure. And, to be honest, there were more than expected. As of right now, 20 percent of polled fans are not guaranteed to be following the Chargers into a new era.

There’s a few reasons for this, which include but are not limited to:

  1. There are fans who held on to root for the Chargers so long as Antonio Gates and Rivers still played. The former is gone, and with the latter on his way out sooner or later, the last ties to San Diego are starting to fade.
  2. The Chargers are a frustrating team to follow with no Super Bowl rings. It’s a convenient way to find another team.
  3. If Rivers goes to another team, some fans may follow that team instead.

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Whatever the reason, the poll (albeit with a small sample size) reveals there are a group of fans who may be lost once the team moves on from No. 17. And when you’re a team like the Chargers, every single fan matters right now.