Where does Flash place in a fantasy world?

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Running backs are a hard position to judge sometimes. The reason being is because everyone reaches and value is hard to find, often you will have to overvalue a player.

I mean take Ezekiel Elliott his rookie season. He was projected in the first round. That is almost unheard of and while he cashed in on the hype, I still don’t know if I would have taken him in the first round.

So the list goes on, and this week it is one of my favorite positions in the game… RUNNING BACKS! Look out 2018! Joey Nicks is about to crush his list of 10 fantasy running backs this year.

10. Dion Lewis: My number 10 spot belongs to one of the VERY few value picks that you will find on this list.

In fantasy, as long as you are in PPR format, you will learn to love pass catchers. Dion Lewis is that. While everyone jumps on the Derrick Henry train, you are going to be smart and “buy the wrong ticket,” to the Lewis airlines!

Henry may be an RB3, RB2 at very best, but Lewis has a ton of potential to be a high-end RB2. His pass-catching ability alone is a reason to be high on him, and with “one dimensional Derrick,” teams will know what to expect and stack the box.

Lewis is a threat as a pass catcher and runner. He might phase Henry out for a good portion of work too. Lewis averaged five yards per carry and just over 13 yards per catch last season and with the situation he is in, expect averages to hang around there, but totals to go up.

Playoff Schedule: vs. JAX, @ NYG, vs. WSH

9. Christian McCaffrey: Say it with me… “PASS CATCHERS!” PPR formats allow pass catchers to be almost, if not MORE valuable, than the traditional ground and pound running back. Christian McCaffrey is one. He caught on late in his rookie season, but the numbers were there with over 1,000 yards combined on the year.

Yes he didn’t reach 500 yards on the ground. That is 100 percent true, but he had over 600 yards through the air on 80 receptions. Do the math. 80 points just from catching the ball. That is a win. Christian will obviously get better as his career goes too.

So no reason to think he won’t figure it out, expect a big season from the rich man’s Danny Woodhead. The playoff schedule isn’t bad either. Home two games against a defense that is improving, but not quite there just yet. and another defense that can give up big plays.

Playoff Schedule: @ CLE, vs. NO, vs. ATL