San Diego Chargers: Keenan Allen looking to bounce back


The talk in San Diego Chargers camp has been around Keenan Allen. He has been the standout player on offense and he will be looking to reach a new level on the field. Last season, Allen suffered from the sophomore slump with team’s prepping for his impact and prepping to slow him down. His production decreased while he had some of the top corners covering him throughout the game.

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This year, Allen is looking to step his game up and get the upper advantage again. The Chargers will be prepping to get him in situations that he can succeed and in situations that he can create after the catch. Allen looks to make an impact like he had done in his rookie season. He has the skills to get it done and his chemistry with Philip Rivers has hit a new level. This will be a year that we will want to watch the emergence of Keenan Allen.

“Antonio (Gates) tells me all the time he kind of knows when (Rivers) is coming to him,” Allen said. “I’m kind of feeling that, too. You can look at the coverage, and you kind of know what Phil likes to throw in the play call we have and the coverage they’re giving us. Just knowing that helps a lot.”

Allen will be moved all around the field on offense as the Chargers will look to get him in some favorable matchups. Philip will look to exploit any corners that cannot hang with him. Philip also will be looking for a new favorite target with Gates sitting out for a while.

Allen will line up in a number of different spots on offense and could see some action out of the slot. From the slot, Allen will be able to work the middle of the field and could find some favorable matchups against the corners that line up in that position.

Allen has the quick feet and the quick break off of the line to make an impact out of the slot. When he can create space right off the jump, we know that Philip will be able to thread the needle to him for some quick gains.

This could be a special year for Allen. With Stevie Johnson added to the roster and with Malcom Floyd stretching the field, this could be a year that Allen busts out for some Pro Bowl type numbers.

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