Free Agents the Chargers could have interest in


The San Diego Chargers could look toward free agency to add more depth up front. 

The San Diego Chargers still can look to add some depth to the roster through free agency. There still are a few players that are available that could help the team. The team could also wait to see cuts around the league. For the last couple of seasons, the Chargers have added contributors to the team after some cuts were made around the league. The Chargers added Dwight Freeney a couple of seasons ago and also added Brandon Flowers last season. Who will the Chargers look to adding onto the roster this offseason?

The Chargers entered the draft with some needs up front on the offensive line and the defensive line and didn’t do much to fill those spots on the roster.

If they want to find someone to help up front on the offensive line, the Chargers could look at these guys:

Gabe CarimiDan ConnollyDavin JosephJoe Barksdale

The Chargers could add a veteran offensive lineman and let him compete for the starting role. The Chargers did that when they brought in Max Starks a couple of seasons ago, but he couldn’t beat out King Dunlap in training camp. Starks was eventually cut and Dunlap has become a solid left tackle for the roster. The team could sign any of the guys listed above and could plug them into the offensive line and it would make the team a lot better or someone else will step up to the plate and will be come a playmaker.

On the defensive side of the ball, the team could add more beef with some of these vets:

Tommy KellyRed BryantKevin Williams

On the defensive front, there are a few veterans that can bring experience to the team and share that experience with the young players on the roster. Each would be able to rotate into John Pagano’s defense and could provide some beef up front.

I don’t know if the team is done adding players through free agency. I think Tom Telesco will always be looking for players that can help this team win. If someone becomes available, he will have interes. La’el Collins will likely be a player that they will be interested in adding to the roster if he is interested in playing guard.  He would be a solid addition at a good price.

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