Chargers will likely keep pick 17 if Philip Rivers traded


If Philip Rivers were traded to the Titans, the team would likely still keep the 17th overall selection. 

The talk about trading Philip Rivers to the Tennessee Titans is getting louder. The draft is just a couple of weeks away and the Chargers brass is in Oregon evaluating one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. If they feel like he is a fit, then the team will attempt to make a move with the Titans for the 2nd overall selection in order to pick up Marcus Mariota.

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The team had dinner with Mariota on Monday night and are running him through a private workout on Tuesday afternoon. We will see what the team thinks of Mariota when they get to the draft. Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy will likely be asked about him, but we won’t get any straight answers out of them. We will know their exact thoughts when we get to the NFL draft.

If the Chargers were to make a move for Mariota, it would cost Philip Rivers, but it likely will not cost the team the 17th overall selection as well. Kevin Acee believes that the Chargers would be able to keep their first if they make the move.

Yes, the Chargers in all likelihood would keep their first round pick should they deal Rivers to Tennessee. They may, according to some around the league, have to throw in a selection in a later round. But people are really just speculating, since there is no precedent for trading a quarterback of Rivers’ stature at this juncture in his career for a draft pick(s). (UT San Diego)

I don’t know why the Chargers would include their first round draft pick in that trade in the first place. That wouldn’t make much sense for the Chargers. A later draft pick could be included and I would not be surprised if it is that 4th round selection that Tom Telesco always throws in for a deal.

The Chargers could have a fresh start on offense with the new look of Marcus Mariota calling the plays with an explosive running back taking the snaps. Could you imagine a backfield of Mariota and Melvin Gordon for years to come? Sounds like a solid move looking toward the future and the team still could compete in the division. The offense would have a young core that could grow together for years. That is assuming that all these players actually play out like they project.

Things are getting loud.