Why the Chargers Must Re-sign Ryan Mathews


Note: Hey guys, it’s Sam Kweon here. I’ve been told too many times that Mathews isn’t the right fit and well, I’m tired of it. Read the whole article and a lot of you may change your mind. Enjoy!

Free agency is right around the corner, literally.

For the past few days or so, all I’ve been doing was arguing with fans on Twitter about Ryan Mathews. And thus far, it seems that I’m the only one who still supports Mathews and also the only one that is rooting for the return of number 24.

Re-signing @rmathews24 (it may have already happened) would be crucial, and I would be very happy. His patience is something only a few have

— BoltBeat.com (@SamKweonWriter) March 10, 2015

There’s a reason why Telesco praises Mathews all the time. His patience is something you can’t find. Only other RB that can do this is Bell

— BoltBeat.com (@SamKweonWriter) March 9, 2015

@SamG1383 @SamKweonWriter Just say No to Ryan Mathews, time to move on.

— jimmy (@Wardinski619) March 9, 2015

So I’m hearing a lot of you guys want Reggie Bush than Ryan Mathews?

— ⚡⚡CHARGERS⚡⚡ (@ChargersLegion) February 26, 2015

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The first thing to say is: A running back that has the talent of Ryan Mathews is not easy to find in this league. Mathews is in his prime. There is no doubt about it, and I am 100% sure and convinced about that.

What seperates Mathews from other players like Reggie Bush, Todd Gurley, Frank Gore, Branden Oliver, and many others is his patience.

For example, take a look at these runs below. Great outcome and run, but look at how the running back just rams through the hole that is obviously there.

The best example is the one on Todd Gurley. These are the type of runs that doesn’t cut it in the NFL (unless your Marchawn Lynch), he simply ran through a hole and hoped for the best. (hate to say it, but Branden Oliver does this all the time).

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And this is what Ryan Mathews never does.

Mathews waits patiently for blocks to develop, and bursts through a hole when he finds one. Leveon Bell is the master of patient running (have you ever watched a Steelers game?!? That’s all they talk about is Bell’s patience).

Okay, you’ve heard enough about me ranting on about how good patience is. Let’s SEE it.

The first GIF below is one of the most beautiful runs (it’s like art) I have EVER witnessed in my life. The second one is awesome as well.


Injury is a problem, there is no getting around that, but it’s unbelivable and sickening to see fans give Mathews crap for being injured. Why do fans dislike Mathews so much? If he were a bad influence it makes sense, but what has he done so badly?

  • Has Mathews ever been in trouble with the law? No
  • Has he ever been to be known as a bad influence in the locker room? Hell no
  • Is he hard working? Hell yes.
  • Is he a team player? Couldn’t be more of a team player

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Personally, and I may get a lot of flock for this, it’s because they aren’t true fans. They want to see a new face in the system because it’s fun and fresh. People are tired of seeing Mathews out there, and they want to see someone explosive like Melvin Gordon. There is a reason why Tom Telesco always praises Ryan whenever he is asked about him, he understands his importance to the team.

And please. Do not forget that he is ONE season apart from playing 16 full games. That’s right, he played 16 games in 2013. Injuries happen, and they suck. They happened to Dunlap all the time, now we love the guy.

With a revamped line, Mathews will get his chance. Sign him to a one or two year deal, and let him prove that with a little stability in the offensive line, he can become a 1,400 yard rusher with 12 TD’s. Don’t let him go somewhere else.

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