San Diego Chargers should draft Melvin Gordon


The San Diego Chargers have a number of holes on offense, but they could look to fill them in free agency and then pounce on one of the top weapons in the draft: Melvin Gordon.

The San Diego Chargers need help in the run game. They finished ranked 30th in the league in the run game, so this offseason this will be at the top of the priority list. Fixing the offensive line will be one way to make it better and will sure to be something that Tom Telesco deals with this offseason. The Chargers could look to pick up some players in free agency or they could look to find some people in the draft to help fill that need.

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Getting some talent up front should solve a lot of problems on offense. It will give Philip Rivers more time to find his receivers and should help the run game flourish. After the o-line is all juiced up, the team should find more weapons on offense. That is where Melvin Gordon comes into play.

One of the biggest weapons available in the NFL Draft will be Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon. If the Chargers wanted Gordon, the team likely would have to take spend the first round selection to get him. Will Gordon be worth the first round selection? Running backs are not taken early in the draft  any more? He could be available when the Chargers select and it would be an interesting move by the team.

Before we talk about what Gordon can do, let’s watch it.

Gordon is a freak athlete playing running back. The kid has unreal speed and will be a threat to score any time he touches the football. There are not a lot of players on this roster that have that ability. Imagine having that type of threat in the running game. Teams would have to play close to the line to slow him down and that will open up the field for Philip Rivers. The play action pass would be huge for the team.

Gordon finished this season with 2587 rushing yards and a 7.5 yard per carry average. Those 2587 yards is the second highest single season total behind Barry Sanders and his 2682 rushing yards in Oklahoma State. He knows how to churn out the yards on the ground. Just get him the ball.

The top priority will be the offensive line, but that all could be addressed in free agency. If that need is addressed there, then the thoughts of Gordon in the first round could cross Tom Telesco’s mind. I think it would be a brilliant move for the team. He would come in and be an instant impact on the roster.

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