Chargers 2013 Season Bold Predictions ~ Games 10 to 13


Holy Cow!  My current predictions have the San Diego Chargers going into week 10 possibly in first place or tied for first place at 7-1 and look who is next up in the schedule.  Broncos, in our house.  This is excitement at it’s finest and it’s about to get crazy!  If you missed weeks 1-4, or 5-9 click the appropriate weeks to catch up.  Some of you are are in with me, while others think I have had way too much off the Chargers kool-aid.  There is even that small number of you who think I should have us at 8-0, to those, I will gladly be incorrect.  Here is what the crystal ball says happens next.

Week 10 – Sunday, November 10th @ 1:25PM vs. Broncos – Home game.  This is the game to attend if you can only go to one game this year.  This is going to be the game that puts the Chargers at number one over the Broncos and I guarantee you will lose your voice screaming and have a hurt hand from all of the high-fiving that the Chargers are going to cause you to do.  I’m already looking forward to this game and the victory at home.  I said it before and I will say it again, Chargers are not losing at home this season.  Record 8-1

Week 11 – Sunday, November 17th @ 10:00AM vs. Dolphins – Away game.  Dolphins are cute, but not great at football.  The only can of worms that could cause an issue is the weird Florida weather.  Philip will be wearing the gloves for sure and the Chargers will run all over the Dolphins.  Look for this to be a record breaking game for Gates.  Chargers beat the Fins.  Record 9-1

Week 12 – Sunday, November 24th @ 10:00AM vs. Chiefs – Away game.  Oh no, the poor Chiefs are going to be in third place when the Chargers tromp in to Kansas City and run circles around them.  The Chiefs may score, but it will be a field goal, and it will be because the offense needs to catch their breath so there will be a few allowed first downs.  The Chargers will enjoy some bbq and the win.  Record 10-1

Week 13 – Sunday, December 1st @ 1:25PM vs. Bengals – Home game.  Bengals at home?  Right after the Chiefs?  The offense will be tired from running up and down the field in KC, but that will not stop them from dominating the cute little cats from Cinci.  This will be a great way to start of December.  A traditionally hot and cold month for the Bolts.  This year our boys of December will be on fire.  Sorry kitties, Chargers will win.  Record 11-1

Well, that’s how I see it.  Make sure to come back next week to see how I think our Bolts will finish up the season. Thanks for reading!


ChargerGirl Cindi