Chargers 2013 Season Bold Predictions ~ Games 1 to 4


Dec 23, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates (85) runs for a touchdown after catching a pass from San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) during the second half at MetLIfe Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Seventeen weeks, 16 games and a whole new ballgame.  For the first time in many years we are headed into a season without trepidation.  The Chargers are starting with a new General Manager, new Head Coach, new auxiliary coaches, new players, new playbooks and a very important new attitude.  All of those things combined make this seasons outlook better than many years prior.  I am not looking back, but looking forward to a whole new era of Chargers football. 

That said, I am going to predict each games outcome in four game chunks to keep you coming back for more.  You know I am typically writing after my daily dose of “I Love My Bolts Kool-Aid” so please be kind on the comments.  As the season progresses I will remind you of my bold predictions and we will see how I did, or how you did on your counter predictions. 

Week  1 – Monday, September 9th @  7:20PM vs. Texans – Home game.  I gotta tell you.  This is our regular season home opener.  Monday Night Football and the Chargers are facing a team that is not a duck.  This is going to be an amazing game on both sides and for both teams but the Chargers will get the win.  Rivers – 330+ yards, Mathews – 1 TD, Gates – 1 TD.  Record 1-0

Week 2 – Sunday, September 15th @ 10:00AM vs. Eagles – Away game.  The Bolts first away game.  After a short week and having to adjust to the time zone combined with traveling to the East Coast may take a toll on the guys, but expect an explosive defense shutting down the Eagles all day.  With Rivers in the gloves and all weapons healthy the Chargers will win by a big margin.  Count on Rivers getting a lot of air time – 200+ yards and a few TD’s, but Gates will be double or triple covered leaving the rest of the offense to shine.  Record 2-0

Week 3 – Sunday, September 22nd @ 10:00AM vs. Titans – Away game.  On the road again in the same exact situation as week 2.  Any issues that came up due to time and travel should be adjusted and the guys will be in peak form.  The week 3 soreness/injuries are going to start affecting the Chargers game play.  This will be a close game possibly won by a field goal in the last few minutes, we may even see Rivers throw an interception here, but the Bolts will win.  Record 3-0

Week 4 – Sunday, September 29th @ 1:25PM vs. Cowboys – Home game.  Finally, back at home, attitude and confidence soaring.  The Cowboys could possibly be the first game where I get nervous, but while I’m rocking in my seat like Rain Man the Chargers are going to show me that I’ve got no worries.  We are not losing at home this season.  Chargers will win and have a record of 4-0.

I know you are thinking there is no need to come back next Monday and read how I predict the remaining weeks, but I promise, I’m not just basing this on my pure Bolt love.  There might be some science and math and possibly a dart board involved in these predictions.  Boltup!


ChargerGirl Cindi