Comments of the Week: Chargers Week in Review


Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; General view of fans arriving to Qualcomm Stadium for the NFL game between the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the week in review for the San Diego Chargers with the quotes of the week…. Let’s just jump right into it:

Comments of the Week

Rob Base • 7 days ago −
One of these days I will come up with something really profound that will make it on Comments of the week. Love it!

Former Indianapolis Colts OT Winston Justice Visiting Chargers

Stefanie Smith • 6 days ago −
You got it, Ernie. Make Rivers start throwing left handed.

San Diego Chargers OTA Notes

tubbs45 • 6 days ago −
With all of our line changes, may I suggest a new running article: Days of our OLine’s. sounds like they are really taking a critical look at what they have, shuffling where needed, and still feeling out the FA market. I like that we are not just running out and throwing everything in the cart, but being thoughtful risk / financially.

Cgoodness13 • 6 days ago −
Ok with Rinehart at LG right now, want troutman to beat him out of the job though, dudes a monster.

RIP Chuck Muncie

ChargerGirl Cindi • 5 days ago −
When I was a kid Chuck was one of the best. We even had a dog named Muncie. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to meet him last year and get his autograph. He was so sweet. I’m going to change my pic back to me and him right now…. so sad.

Peter Thompson • 5 days ago −
Nooooo!!!!! I really feel like I just got hit in the gut.

Chuck Muncie was the very first Charger running back I cheered for, and my favorite player! When I was little, I used to go out into the yard alone after Charger games. I would throw the ball on the roof.. let it roll down… catch it… and pretend I was Chuck, as I sprinted across the yard for a touchdown! I also had really big dorky glasses when I was a kid, and my Mum used to say “See, Chuck Muncie wears his glasses, and they look great”!!! I never bought into it, but it did make me feel a bit better, and gave me something to throw back at the bullys at my school. I remembered how bummed I was when he got busted for cocaine, and went to jail. But, he is still my favorite player.. even more than LT… which is based off of good memories with my Dad.. not as much for talent (although Chuck was definitely talented). Might go outside and throw the ball on the roof tonight, just for old time’s sake ; )

RIP my good man, and thanks for making a good Charger out of me <3

Melvin Ingram May Have Torn ACL

blackroseMD1 • 5 days ago −
I’m just gonna go ahead and put my head down on the desk. Wake me up when the season starts.

It’s the second freaking day! Were they even wearing pads and hitting?

Which Is The Bigger Need Right Now: Dwight Freeney Or Max Starks?

MC Boltman • 4 days ago −
But TT: can we have both? Eddie Royal, Jeromey Clary and Whitehurst seem to be expendable (although Clary seems to be a nice option at RG, but he´s a $5.7 million cap hit, i.e. he´s overpaid)

Dwight Freeney Likely Looking For Money That We Won’t Give

tubbs45 • 2 days ago −
Hell I’ll say it… I EXPECT ENGLISH TO PLAY HUGE, BEAST MODE, QB EATER SACK MACHINE. Now I dont know if it will happen, but I sure a F*&$ hope so!!!

Jeromey Clary at Right Guard? Philip Rivers says YES!

Rob Base • 2 days ago −
We need a Cut Clary T-shirt made stat!

Ernie Padaon Mod • 2 days ago −
Also…. That money that can be saved might be his ticket out. He may be a June 1 cut and we could save even more money.

If I could take that money and get a vet like Brandon Moore for the interior, then sign me up. He would be even better for Fluker. He knows his position and how to play it and also could run in a ZBS. Hmmmmm… May have to write this down. Haha

Ernie Padaon Mod • 2 days ago −
I love Philip, but his judgement comes into question on things now. He was one of Norv’s biggest backers and how well did that turn out? That was one ugly mess. Don’t know if Clary can do it. Will have to see it for myself

Chargers Reach Deal In Principle With Dwight Freeney

Rob Base • a day ago −
Telesco is a OG! I love what dude is doing for our Bolts!!

The Details On The Dwight Freeney Contract: 2 Years, $8.75M

Ryan Elliott • a day ago −
We have to cut Clary, if they choose to re sign him after he’s cut is a different story, but the fact that they’re keeping him just because he has a “can do” attitude needs to stop right there. The fact that he’s making as much money as if he were a top OG in the league without even taking a snap is ridiculous.

Clary, McClain getting released would more than make up for Freeneys salary this year.

Peter Thompson • a day ago −
I love that he gets 4.6 million more if he gets a lot of sacks! If we get the “Best Dwight Freeney” for 13.75 million, then money well spent! We haven’t had a beast pass rusher in forever.

Ummmmm… Keenan Allen… That’s a Raiders Hat On Your Head

Rob Base • a day ago −
I should show him my raiders suck t shirt and Skool that youngster a bit!

tubbs45 • a day ago −
Vet can I recommend a couple of therapeutic remedies? Duct tape his ass to the field goal post, gasoline for the hat, now this maybe a bit much but I think a branding the bolt maybe in order… Ok that maybe overboard, but damn raiders hat are you serious?

Peter Thompson • a day ago −
Next, he’ll be spotted in a Manning jersey!!!!