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May 10, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers players huddle during Chargers rookie minicamp at Chargers park. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY SportsNot On Manti Te’o Bandwagon Yet

Brandon Reisinger • 7 days ago −
I think he will be a very solid addition. He is very instinctive and that’s one of if not the most important attribute of an ILB and also something that you really can’t teach someone. I expect him to develop well and probably be a pro bowler in the next few years

JoseSD • 7 days ago −
Well no shit, no one should be guaranteed their spot. I think that was one of the problems with Norvell. You would see no accountability nor repercussion for lack of production on the field. I know with the offensive line we had no one to turn to so you couldn’t expect much there, but once Haslam took the LT position there was no inclination that Harris could replace Clary, when Cason was constantly beat you didn’t see Gilchrist or Wright step in, for the first half of the season before DX came in and it was obvious Meachem was worthless he was still used like a #1 WR. I think that’s also some of what Mathews meant when he said the team was complacent, there was no real competition, you knew the depth chart before training camp. T’eo shouldn’t just be handed the starting job he needs to show he can play in this league. once he starts making plays and impacting games people won’t care about the catfish crap. There’s lots of worse off field situations in sports Kobe has won 2 championships after his rape scandal , Tiger Woods is back to his #1 ranking, Vick came back after the dog fighting scandal. All anyone really cares about is that you ball out when you’re on the field

Ioane • 7 days ago −
Manti is already the best iLB in the roster that can play next to Butler. We have ourself a very good problem.

On a side note. I looked over our roster and we actually have a solid core oF star players and soon to be star players. In excited for this season.

The San Diego Chargers Hired Someone To Fill Jimmy Raye’s Shoes

tubbs45 Stefanie Smith • 6 days ago −
Breaking news: Teo is wearing a blue shirt, grey back pack, and a new era cap. Jay Glazer just confirmed the hang nail is on his left ring finger.

Prayers Out For A Bolt Beat Fam Member

Patrick Allen • 6 days ago −
Chiefs Nation sends our well-wishes. Get well soon gents.

Playing It Safe At Safety (…And Cornerback)

TheReturnOfMrBlanks • 6 days ago −
I have a feeling Jahleel is going to be them all out in training camp and will be our starter until Taylor gets back, Addae is the man!

Louie Reyes • 6 days ago −
How about resigning Corey Lynch? The guy played solid last season and could help out until Taylor gets healthy.

Dear Ryan Mathews, Step Yo Game Up

ChargerGirl Cindi • 5 days ago −
I think it’s funny that you said make or “break”, since he is so fragile. ha ha Seriously, this kid has GOT to perform this season or he is officially off the island.

Ioane • 5 days ago −
This is why I was raging at my iPhone when we selected Tourek Williams instead of Andre Ellington.

I’m hoping Mathews can finally stay healthy and put it all together. However, I doubt it happens. He’s talented, but he’s been suffering from injuries dating back his college days.

Lets home the UDFA Michael Hill can be a hidden gem for us.

6 Reasons Why Re-Signing Quentin Jammer Still Makes Sense

Lee • 5 days ago −
jammer used to always come in and eat at the restaurant i worked at and he was always a chill dude. he has been one of my favorite players this past decade and his presence in the locker room will be missed if he doesnt get resigned. i hope TT inks him to a new contract!

tubbs45 • 5 days ago −
Reason number 6 he can lay the wood. Jammer can hit. I have liked the idea of him at SS for a couple of years. CB changing to safety often struggle at first, it’s a big change. The same goes for gilcrest, who ever we pull in, get them started now so they can get some reps!

Brian Smith • 5 days ago −
Great article, i thought they should have done this last year. I really hope that management see this in him too. However, they seem to be thinking younger.

Love Jammer, he still is our best open field tackler, hope they bring him for one more!! Go Bolts

Another Look At The Chargers Left Tackle Situation

Sergio Quintero • 4 days ago −
Joe D’ made Cordy Glenn into a respectable LT, and took the bills from the worst Oline in the NFL to a top 10 line. Hope he enjoys challenge he’s got another one here.

PFF really is a big admirer of Dunlap scoring him the 15th best pass blocking OT in the NFL for 2012, but hearing the Eagles fans he’s no better than Mike Harris, what is the truth?, probably somewhere in between, and still a major upgrade over the historically bad and overmatched Harris.

Chargers Player’s Girlfriend Makes Maxim’s Hot 100 List

joerockt • 4 days ago −
I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me chuckle. But I don’t want to sound negative, so, love you Te’o. You haven’t played a single down in the NFL, but I’m hoping really extra hard that you’re the super god ILB that we all know you are!!!

davacho • 4 days ago −
i agree- go on SNL and move this thing along.

Rob Lambeth • 4 days ago −
At what point does all this shit get old and people who mistakenly think they are being clever move on?

Veteran LT Max Starks Visiting Chargers Today

tubbs45 • 4 days ago −
SHUT THE F UP….. wooooowwww.please give us options, please give us options….

Ambitoos • 4 days ago −
Shut down the damned airport.

joerockt • 4 days ago −
Wow, good to know TT is still getting after it. Please don’t let that guy leave. Take him to Rivers house, show his 20+ children off and say to Starks “PLEASE!!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! YOU MUST PROTECT THIS MAN!!”

Kiper’s Big Board Has 5 Left Tackles For the 2014 Draft

Peter Thompson • 3 days ago −
I like your optimism Ernie!
“Hopefully they all declare and the Chargers will get some good options with the last pick in the first round.”
That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!

Chargers Ink 4 Draft Picks Including Manti Te’o

JoseSD • 3 days ago −
Its pretty cool how the rookies get in quickly now especially with the rookie wage scale, the first rounders do still take a while waiting for the players around them sign to see where they’re pay is slotted but its nowhere near as bad remember how Michael Crabtree didn’t sign until after the regular season already started, there was talk of him re-entering the draft the next season. Glad those days are over

Peter Thompson • 3 days ago −
“If we see Sorensen during the year, then something went really bad.”

Or really good because we are 50 points up.. Lol.

PHOTOS: Chargers Rookies on the Field at Rookie Mini-Camp

Russell Grant • 2 days ago −
I am so ready for the season to kick off.